The most versatile Personal Climate Management System

The most versatile Personal Climate Management System

The most versatile Personal Climate Management System

The most versatile Personal Climate Management System

M-Clima® is the only flexible fast-response personal climate comfort management system capable of regulating the temperature and humidity of the wearer to maintain a stable and balanced micro-climate in demanding external temperatures.


The balanced comfort state eliminates distractions and thus maximizes your comfort, performance and safety.




Uses and applications


For powered, recreational and professional motorcycle users. It provides cooling in hot climates or during active riding, and heating in cold climates specially for extended riding.


For Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) users. It provides cooling in hot environments and heating in cold environments, indoors and outdoors, thus increasing safety, comfort and productivity.


Side zip opening

Side opening, front flap fastening

Central zip opening

Central zip opening,
rear cooling only


Attach the blower unit to the vest

Attach blower unit through
the velcro tabs through the slots. Insert Blower Unit to the matching vest air intake

Plug the heating cable to the matching outlet

Place the battery in the back pocket of the vest. Pull the battery cable through the hole at the bottom of the pocket

Connect the battery cable to the outlet marked with the battery symbol

On powered recreational and professional vehicles

Put on your protective equipment, making sure that the blower’s air intake is not fully covered by it

Connect the Blower Unit to the vehicle with the cable supplied for this purpose*. When powered by vehicle, both heating and cooling systems can be activated individually. When powered by battery, only cooling system can be activated

Press heating or cooling button on the remote control supplied to toggle between on/off

When connected to the battery you can use the cooling function with a maximum of 2h of autonomy**.

* Note that you should check with your dealer for the correct connector to your vehicle

** The battery usage time may be extended or adapted based on customer’s requirement by using larger batteries

As Personal Protective Equipment

In cold environments, you can put your jacket on top of the M-Clima® system

In hot environments, you can wear the M-Clima® system over your first layer clothing

Plug the supplied power cord from the fan to the power outlet*

Activate the heating or cooling functions with the remote control supplied

* Note that you should check with your dealer for the correct wall outlet adapter


The blower unit pushes air inside the system. The air turns into a turbulent flow next to the skin, generating and evaporative cooling effect, decreasing the skin surface temperature and generating immediate sensation of comfort for the wearer.
Once the perspiration has evaporated, the system continues to deliver a lighter cooling sensation which keeps the skin dry and cool, without generating excess coolness and keeping the body within an ideal temperature range.


Once the heating system is engaged, the heating panels start emitting steady flow of hot air. Thanks to their exclusive technology, the panels are designed to work at a constant temperature and thus avoid overheating.

Increases safety by preventing overheating or overcooling

Suitable for all climates


Can be worn under your standard protective apparel

2 hours cooling autonomy off-bike*

Gentle handwashing resistant

*The autonomy depends on the battery size, and several options can be chosen to achieve different autonomy values.


Thermal comfort > Reduced stress > Reduced Fatigue > Better mental and physical reaction times > Better performance


Under thermal comfort conditions, the heart rate is significantly lower for a better riding performance.

— view cooling study —



• Rider A. 40 yrs old amateur rider. Medium physical condition

• Rider B. 47 yrs old professional enduro rider. Good physical condition



• Both riders wore full protective gear (GORE-TEX® jacket and Cordura pants)


• Enduro riding in a mountain area of the Pyrenees

• 2 runs each (1 x w/o system, 1 x with system)

• Each run 1 hr, 10 mins

• Ambient Temp Range : 22 – 26 ºC

Graph 1 — Skin temperature

Graph 2 — Relative humidity

Conclusions of the test


Both the professional and amateur riders using m-Clima management system experience a decrease of body temperature which allows for more comfort, concentration and safety.



When riding with m-Clima neither the professional nor the amateur reach the perspiration point of 80%, typical for standard protective apparel. Both riders’ heartbeat also stabilizes due to the stable temperature and sensational comfort, enabling them to ride longer, safer and more intensive, improving performance and reaction time.


When not using the system, both riders perspired until soaking their inner layers, and stayed wet throughout the rest of the ride. This can be measured as both reached above 80% relative humidity, which is above the threshold of perspiration. When riding with the system, both riders did not reach the perspiration point, thus remaining dry with all the benefits related to this condition. (Graph 2)



Statistically, the tests results show a decrease of 10 bpm on average on the Heart Rate of the riders. This enables the riders to rider longer, safer and more intensely, helping to improve the performance and reaction times.